About Us

No property is too big or too small for a proper inspection.
Superior Home Inspections and Energy Audits has onsite training at the Ameican Home Inspectors Training Institute in Denver, Colorado; and interNACHI since 2008. Randy, also, has 15+ years as an independent contractor in  Billings and surrounding area.

Superior Home Inspections & Energy Audits offers a variety of inspection services for all types of residential and commercial properties in Billings and surrounding area. Our inspectors are dedicated to providing thorough inspections for every property and delivering accurate, easy to read reports.

Our reports include information on roofing, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. We also offer additional inspection services for energy assessment, radon, bacteria in your well water and more. Contact us today to discuss your inspection needs and to schedule a Superior Home Inspections & Energy Audits home inspection today.