Pre-listing Sellers Inspections

Make more money selling your house with a
Pre-Listing Inspection

What is a pre-listing inspection?
A pre-listing inspection is a home inspection paid for by the seller prior to listing their home. One of the biggest advantages to a pre-listing inspection that the seller gets to pinpoint key issues or major repairs before the house goes on the market.
How can the sellers and agents make more money with a pre-listing inspection?
Buyers generally do not know what repairs cost, so if a defect costs $1000 to repair, the buyer will want to knock $3000 to $5000 off the asking price. By knowing potential issues or repairs ahead of time, sellers can choose to fix them themselves or leave them to the buyer to address. If they decide to leave them for the buyer, they can get three quotes from reputable contractors, so the buyer knows what to budget for the repairs.
What are some other benefits to pre-listing inspections?
Pre-listing inspections make the sale go smoother. The seller can make the repairs them self, often the buyer requires a receipt from a professional showing the repairs have been made; whereas the seller can make the repairs them self and not have to pay the $60 to $100/hour labor fees. Once the report is paid for it is yours. The seller can share the report with anyone they choose.
Here are some items that the seller should fix before listing their House:
    • Any electrical issues (for safety)
    • Items that have a clear safety risk or environmental issue
    • Broken or loose rails.
    • Any improperly hung doors or screens (replace)
    • Plumbing leaks
    • Broken cabinets
    • Furnace condensation leaks
    • Other inexpensive, simple fix items

Items best left for the buyer to fix:
    • Cosmetic items that appeal to the buyer's specific taste
    • Roof shingles
    • Flooring
    • Energy Enhancements
    • Insulation
    • Ventilation
    • Major appliances
What does a pre-listing inspection cost?
    • Pre-listing inspection with a report are the same price as a regular inspection.
    • Pre-listing inspection with no written report, just a walkthrough with the inspector is $100 off regular price.
Why choose Superior Home Inspections and Energy Audits (Superior) for your pre-listing inspection?
    • Superior will supply you with an easy to read report and walk you through all the issues. Superior will update the report after the repairs have been made; with one trip back at no charge. If you hire us to do the inspection on the house, you are buying we will discount your inspection $25.
Make more money selling your house with a 

Pre-Listing Inspection